Pakistani Investment minister holds follow-up meeting after China visit, seeks implementation of MoUs with Chinese companies

Islamabad: Minister for Privatization, Investment Board, and Communications Abdul Aleem Khan has chaired a follow-up meeting on the recent visit to China and commended the diligent efforts and performance of the relevant officials from the Board of Investment (BoI).

At the meeting, the minister emphasized the critical importance of realizing all MoUs signed with Chinese companies to fully tap into the trade and investment potential between the two countries.

Federal Minister of Commerce Jam Kamal Khan, who also attended the meeting, praised the efforts of the officials concerned for their successful visit to China.

Abdul Aleem Khan urged for a proactive approach and innovative solutions to expedite the investment process, aiming to attract foreign investments for sustainable economic growth and development in the country.

He instructed the establishment of a database within the Board of Investment containing details of the China visit, along with ensuring the preparation of a profile to facilitate investments in the country.

Highlighting China’s interest in investing across various sectors of the economy, the minister stressed the importance of seizing this opportunity by facilitating investors.

Furthermore, the minister directed the Board of Investment to establish permanent business desks in different Chinese cities, as well as expedite the process of bringing Chinese companies for joint ventures and investments.

Abdul Aleem Khan disclosed that 31 Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) were signed, with progress being made by around 1,000 prominent Chinese companies during the recent visit.

It was decided tat the Ministry of Commerce and the Board of Investment will form working groups to engage Chinese companies for initiating joint ventures.