Bilawal vows free solar energy for Karachi while budget talks with govt continue

PPP chairman addressed a crowd in Lyari during a birthday celebration for late Benazir Bhutto

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari announced plans to provide free solar energy to Karachi residents to alleviate load-shedding.

He also expressed hope that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif would fulfill promises made to the PPP as budget discussions with the government continue.

Speaking at an event in Lyari celebrating Benazir Bhutto’s birthday on Friday, Bilawal emphasised the PPP’s long-standing commitment to Karachi, highlighting their efforts against two military dictators and their continuous support for the city’s residents.

Bilawal reiterated his personal commitment to the city’s development, noting his own political journey with the people of Karachi, the city where both he and Benazir Bhutto were born.

He expressed gratitude to the people for electing the PPP to form the Sindh government again and urged Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah to focus on addressing Karachi’s issues.

He praised Shah and his team for resolving problems that arose during the caretaker government’s tenure. He acknowledged the efforts to improve law and order and expressed optimism for further improvements.

Addressing the national load-shedding crisis, Bilawal pointed out that regions like Sindh, Balochistan, southern Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa face 16 to 18 hours of power outages daily, with residents struggling to pay their bills.

He announced plans to introduce a project in the upcoming budget to provide free solar power to the poor and subsidised rates for those who can afford it, aiming to mitigate load-shedding effects.

Bilawal also discussed the current economic challenges and ongoing budget negotiations with the government.

He emphasised the importance of including PPP in budget discussions to ensure the concerns of their constituencies, mainly representing the country’s poor, are addressed.

Bilawal voiced disappointment that the government did not consult the PPP earlier but stressed the need for unity in navigating the economic crisis.

He revealed that PPP representatives are in Islamabad negotiating with the government to resolve issues and work towards passing the budget, expressing trust in Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s intentions to honor promises made to PPP.

Bilawal affirmed the PPP’s commitment to advocating for the people’s rights and continuing their struggle until their demands are met.

He further addressed the prevailing political crisis, criticising the rise of divisive politics.

PPP chairman urged political parties to prioritise the country’s welfare over personal grievances and emphasised the need for constructive dialogue in parliament to address national issues effectively.

He called for democratic forces to engage in dialogue to strengthen the democratic system, honoring the sacrifices made by the people of Lyari and across Pakistan.

Bilawal expressed hope that unified political efforts in parliament could lead to solutions for economic and other national challenges, reflecting the people’s aspirations.