Benazir Bhutto a beacon of light for all generations to come: Syed Zahid Abbas Shah

Frankfurt: President Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Germany Syed Zahid Abbas Shah said on Friday that Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.was a beacon of light for all the generations to come.

“Today marks the 71st birthday of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Heartfelt congratulations to her children, the devoted followers around the world, and Mr. Asif Ali Zardari,” he said in a statement.

Reflecting on a historic birthday, Syed Zahid Abbas Shah recalled June 21, 1978, when Shaheed Mohtarma turned 25.

On that day, she was on her way from the Flashman Hotel in Rawalpindi to visit Shaheed Bhutto in Rawalpindi Jail.

Zahid Abbas Shah had the honor of celebrating her birthday with two other party workers and her friend Yasmeen Niazi, the daughter of the late Dr. Niazi, Bhutto Shaheed’s physician. They celebrated by cutting a cake in her room, which Shah had brought.

“Outside the room, hundreds of dictator Zia’s agents watched us with hostile eyes, while many senior party leaders considered it too risky to even pass by. Despite the danger, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto cut the cake, thanked me, and quickly proceeded to the jail,” Shah recounted.

“Today, her birthday is being celebrated across Pakistan and around the world,” he remarked.

By sharing this memory, Zahid Abbas Shah said he aimed to “remind the party leadership and his fellow party members of this historic day and renew their commitment to the iconic leader.”