Iran urges global cooperation in fight against narcotics

Islamabad: The Iranian Embassy in Pakistan on Wednesday said Iran, a nation perpetually grappling with drug production and trafficking, had stood at the forefront against drug abuse and made relentless efforts to curb drug trafficking.

The embassy, in a message on the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, highlighted the country’s unwavering commitment to combating narcotics at both regional and global levels.

“Iran has paid a high price, with nearly 4,000 martyrs and 12,000 veterans who had been physically injured in this enduring battle,” it added.

The embassy said the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) had consistently recognized Iran’s efforts. The UNODC, in its reports, noted that Iran seized the largest amount of narcotics worldwide each year, demonstrating the nation’s unparalleled success in intercepting illicit drugs.

“Iran actively participates in various international and regional initiatives aimed at combating narcotics, striving to implement a balanced strategy,” the embassy said.

Despite the clear impact of Iran’s actions in curbing narcotics production and trafficking on national, transnational, and international levels, it stressed that there was an urgent need for a unified initiative.

“Regional and international cooperation, coupled with comprehensive support, especially financial aid, is crucial to effectively address the narcotics issue,” it added.

The Iranian embassy said the security of distant nations, including the European countries, was significantly bolstered by the continuous efforts of Iran and its partners, particularly the brotherly nation of Pakistan. “The sacrifices made by soldiers from both countries in preventing the smuggling and trafficking of narcotics have created a safety buffer for the Western countries.

“Iran and Pakistan continue to bear significant human and financial costs in this fight,” it maintained.

Given Iran’s pivotal role in the battle against narcotics, the embassy concluded that it was imperative that international organizations and the global community must extend proportional support to the country.

“The level of assistance provided should reflect the magnitude of Iran’s contributions at both regional and global levels.”

The Iranian embassy said only through robust international cooperation and support, the fight against drug abuse and illicit trafficking could be effectively waged and won.