Khawaja Asif to women: ‘Protest if forced to become housewife after education’

Sialkot: During the annual convocation of Government College (GC) Women’s University, held at a local marriage hall in Sialkot, Defense Minister Khawaja Asif emphasized the value of education and the crucial role of women in society.

Asif began by asserting that knowledge is a form of wealth that only increases with use and dissemination. He highlighted a concerning trend, noting that 73% of female students, particularly those who become doctors, end up as housewives rather than pursuing their professional careers.

“The government spends Rs11.7 million on educating each doctor,” he remarked, implying a significant waste of resources when these women do not join the workforce.

Addressing the students directly, Khawaja Asif urged them to become strong, active members of society. He criticized the societal mindset where parents often educate girls merely to secure good marriages rather than encouraging them to build independent careers.

“A large part of our population is unemployed, and unless our entire population is functional, we cannot develop,” he warned, highlighting the economic implications of underutilized human resources.

Khawaja Asif called on women to protest if they are forced into traditional roles as housewives after receiving education, stressing that talent and education should not be wasted.

He underscored the significant deficiency in society, where educated women are not encouraged to contribute professionally. “After getting an education, your talent is wasted if you are forced to become a housewife,” he reiterated, urging societal change and greater support for women’s employment.