Iran embassy announces visa policy for Pakistani pilgrims

Islamabad: The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Tuesday announced the visa policy for Pakistani pilgrims travelling during Muharram and Safar.

The embassy said from 1st Muharram (July 8, 2024) to 15th Safar (August 20, 2024), Pakistani pilgrims with Iraqi visas can apply for double entry visas valid for 45 days from the date of issuance, allowing a stay of 15 days for each entry.

About Special Arbaeen Visas, it daid, once the Iraqi government starts issuing “Special Arbaeen visas” to Pakistani pilgrims, those with valid Iraqi “Arbaeen visas” will receive free double entry pilgrimage visas and Normal Visa Procedure from August 25, visa issuance for Pakistani nationals will return to the regular process.

Pakistani pilgrims traveling by land must use their own buses to enter Iran and Iraq and group leaders must provide details of their transport, Carnet De Passages, international driver’s licenses, and a complete list of passengers. Vehicle plate numbers will be mentioned on the visas, and border crossing will be monitored by matching the list of pilgrims with the license plate numbers.

The group leaders must manage the flow of Pakistani pilgrims and ensure compliance with Iran’s regulations.

Embassy of Iran in Pakistan mentioned Border Crossing Restrictions that Pakistani pilgrims must enter Iraq through the Chazabeh border until 15th Safar (August 20, 2024). Entry from other borders is prohibited.

These measures are designed to ensure an orderly journey for Pakistani pilgrims during this significant religious period.