History & Culture

Xi’an: Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, accompanied by the Pakistani delegation visited the historical site of China, Terracotta Warriors Museum.
Rome: Donatella Versace has been awarded one of Italy’s highest national honors for her contribution to Italian fashion and culture.
Rome: Italy celebrated the return of about 600 antiquities from the US, including ancient bronze statues, gold coins, mosaics and
Sofia: Bulgarians celebrated the Day of Bulgarian education, culture and the creation of the Slavonic alphabet in a national festival,
New York: The United States returned to Pakistan 133 pieces of stolen antiquities worth over $13 million at a ceremony
Athens: An analysis of pollen from Lake Volvi in Greece has unexpectedly revealed that nomads thrived in this region for
Islamabad: Every year on May 5th, the world comes together to celebrate World Portuguese Language Day. This day serves as
Athens: Constructed during Philip II's reign, the palace comprises courtyards, temples, sanctuaries, a theatre, a palaestra (boxing school), and tombs.
Professor Guiomar De Grammont (Brazilian author and curator) in Lahore Celina Ali Islamabad: At initiative of the Embassy of Brazil
Portugal, Brazil embassies join hands with Pakistani institutions Ambassador Frederico Silva and Ambassador Olyntho Vieira co-author joint message Celina Ali
Rome: Ever dreamed of spending a night in the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy, tucked in a bed crafted with
The dried blood of Naples' third-century patron saint Gennaro liquefied at the city's cathedral on Saturday evening, in a recurring