Rehman Malik expresses solidarity with Kashmir

Islamabad: Former Interior Minister Senator Rehman Malik Tuesday expressed solidarity with the people of Kashmir who are struggling for their legitimate right of self-determination since over six decades. On the occasion of Kashmir Day, February 5, he applauded and saluted the people of Kashmir for their continuous struggle against Indian illegal confinement, brutalities and aggressions. In a news conference on Kashmir Day here at his residence in Islamabad, Senator Malik said he strongly condemned the India for its brutalities against oppressed Kashmiri people. He said that United Nation has passed a resolution in favor of Kashmiris’ self-determination movement but India is not ready to accept it, which is the violation of international laws and charters of human rights. He said he wishes today our Prime Minister and Foreign Minister were present in UNO highlighting the issue of Kashmir. On the occasion, Senator A. Rehman Malik urged the government of Pakistan to move against Indian Government and PM Narendra Modi in United Nations for the Human Rights violation and crimes against humanity being carried out by Indian Forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir.  He said PM Narendra Modi has crossed all the limits of brutality and did not feel any guilt in ordering aggressive use of pellet guns against peaceful protestors in Occupied Kashmir, which the international community has termed as the first mass blinding in human history. He said: “I appeal to the Secretary General UNO and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to constitute a high powered Commission to visit Indian Occupied Kashmir to investigate the Human Rights Violations there”. Senator Malik said that there can be neither sustainable peace nor economic stability in the region without the resolution of the Kashmir issue in accordance with the wishes of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The Senator said: “Indian Forces are committing brutalities by killing of innocent Muslim Kashmiris including women and children, like the previous Indian governments did in the past, whereas Kashmiris are simply demanding for their legitimate right of self-determination, under the ‘Resolution’ which was passed by UNSC.” He said that he calls upon the International Community to pressurize India and ensure the implementation of United Nation resolution on Kashmir. He said that the people of Kashmir should be given the right of self-determination.