Opposition will decide about mid-term elections: Bilawal

Gujar Khan: Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Butto Zardari has said the opposition will decide about the mid-term elections.

Addressing a public rally, he said the government was furious because public is crying due to poor economic policies but bigger problem for the government is that why someone called them selected and liar.

He said the decision about the midterm election should be made by rehbar committee of opposition.

He said “I personally respect speaker Asad Qaiser but this is a problem of custodian of the house.” He said I wrote a letter to speaker as chairman of human rights committee, adding that the letter was received by his office but speaker denies that.

Bilawal said he sent a second and third signed letters to speaker but he denies that too. He said it was not clear during budget voting that who voted for it and who voted against it. He said how speaker can take such a big decision on voice voting.

He questioned why speaker agrees on every decision of government, adding that the world selected is expunged but thief, looters used from treasury benches are not expunged.