World Rabies Day Rabies is a fatal disease : Dr.Ahmed Hyder

HYDERABAD, Sep 27 :World Rabies Day may not
eliminate rabies in Pakistan but it will at least be an earnest beginning toraise the level of public awareness.
This year the theme for the day is ‘Rabies, Share the
message. Save a life’. This highlights the importance of education and awareness to prevent rabies.
Talking to APP here on Thursday, on the “World
Rabies Day “, Former District Health Officer Dr.Ahmed Hyder said that rabies a severe problem in all over the Pakistan and our public sector hospitals must have 24 hour emergency facility for treatment of dog bite cases.
He said that instantiation is the major cause for
growth of dogs and stressed on citywide regular campaigns against dogs and removal of garbage.
Dr.Ahmed Hyder said that rabies was not a problem
being faced only by Pakistan, but also by other countries of the region,including India and Iran. “It is necessary for doctor to properly assessthe rabies patient, analyze the case and determine the required dose accordingly,keeping in mind that a smaller than required dose will be ineffective,”Dr.Ahmed Hyder said.
He emphasized on creating awareness regarding urgency
of treatment, saying that rabies patients must rush for appropriate treatment.
He also called for elimination of stray dogs by municipal administrations.He said that rabies virus was not carried in blood andonly intermittently in saliva, CNS, fluid, urine and some tissues. The patientsshould be handled in a private and quiet area where all staff should enter withgowns, goggles, masks and gloves. “This is particularly important whenintubations and suctioning are performed,” he added.
Dr.Ahmed Hyder said disastrous disease rabies virus
transmitted from dog or any other animal in to the human through bite, whichdirectly attack on brain. He said after diagnosing the disease, it becamedifficult to save the life of the patient.
He described the symptoms of the rabies, whichincluded irritation, breathing problem, fear from light, shivering and etc.
Dr.Ahmed Hyder said that rabies occurs after the bite
of a rabid animal, usually a dog. This disease is always fatal and there is notreatment available in the world once the disease sets in. Although this
disease is fatal yet, taking prompt wound care and using standard vaccines intime can prevent it, he added.
Dr.Ahmed Hyderfurther said that the Government should consider ensuring the local manufacture of the vaccine. But
until that happens, it should have a sufficient quantity of these imported asthey are urgently needed to save lives. The quality and efficacy of the vaccineare important considerations in treating a condition that can prove fatalunless treated with the right kind of vaccine, added.
Dr.Ahmed Hyder stressed promotion of the WHO-recommended
post-exposure prophylaxis vaccine in treating patients of rabies, a fataldisease yet preventable if a victim is administered this vaccine immediatelyafter his is bitten by dog.
Dr.Ahmed also emphasized, civic authorities along with
veterinarians must take effective steps to control stray dog population
according to WHO recommendations.
He said that rabies is a fatal disease and urged that
and there is a dire need of launching a comprehensive campaign to educate thegeneral public in this regard.
He urged the government to declare rabies a health
condition in the country to help eradicate the disease.