Crime-Statistics KP witnesses significant decrease in incidents of terrorism in 2018

PESHAWAR, Sep 28 :During the current year 2018, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province has witnessed asignificant decrease in the incidents of terrorism and other crimes as comparedto corresponding period 2017.
According to the statistics released by Police department, 10 incidents of kidnapping for ransom took place during
the current year as compared to 14 in the year 2017.
Thus, the incidents of kidnapping for ransom dropped by 29% as compared to last year.
Similarly, a total of 739 theft and 37 extortion cases occurred during the current year as compared to 760 Theft and 57Extortion cases of the correspondent year.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has adopted an offensive-cum-defensive policy for combating terrorism.
During the current year, 54 incidents of terrorism took place as compared to 64 incidents of correspondent period of
the last year which showed 16% decrease in the terrorism incidents.
As per report, attacks on police also decreased to a great extent. A total of 108 attacks on police happened ascompared to 148 attacks of correspondent period of last year which are 27% less than the previous year.
Similarly downward trend in the attacks on other govt officials also noted in the report. This year 50incidents of such nature took place as compared to 60 attacks during the last year and thus 17% decrease has been noted in these attacks.
Similarly police action against usury also remained satisfactory. In this regard this year action against 345 personswas taken as compared to 77 person of the correspondent period of the last year which is 268 more than the last year.
Last but not the least, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police also gave tough time to Narcotics Peddlers. A total of 18695cases were registered against Drug Peddlers as compared to 14864 cases of last year which is far better than the correspondent year and 3831 more in numbers than the previous year.
Similarly, 21370 cases wereregistered in violation of Arms Act as compared to 19066 cases of last yearwhich is 2304 more than the previous year.
Last year 1066 cases were registered against hotels owners in violation of Hotels and Serais Act while 1184 cases were
registered during the current year, which is 118 more than the previous year.
Previous year 10408 cases wereregistered in TIF while 10798 cases were registered this year which is 390 morethan the previous year. 14 cases of Hate and Vulgar material were registered while this year the quantum is 19, which is 5 numbers more than the previousyear. 619 more cases were registered this year in comparison with the previousyear in Aerial firing, as the previous year the number of registered FIRs was3990, while this year it is 4609.