PCJCCI-Election Afridi becomes PCJCCI president

LAHORE, Oct 01 :Renowned business leader Shah Faisal Afridiwas elected unopposed as president of Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) here on Monday.
Also, Ahmad Hasnain and Khurram Shafiq were elected Senior Vice President and Vice President, respectively.
It was announced by the Election Commissioner at 4th Annual General Meeting of the PCJCCI, held with the outgoing President SM Munir in the chair. The AGM also included a cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate China National Day.
According the election results for the year 2018-19, the five new members have been elected on the five vacant seats of Executive Committee Members. The newly elected Executive Committee Members include Ahmad Hasnain, Mohammad Ali Tariq, Farooq Ali Khan Sherwani, Muhammad Zarak Khan and Shah Faisal Afridi.
Shah Faisal Afridi acknowledged the massive positive developments undergone under the president-ship of S.M Naveed. “It is due to the capable leadership of S.M. Naveed that today PCJCCI has achieved high targets and now heading towards the bigger goals.”
He assured to continue the journey of service in the same pace as set by the outgoing president. It will, rather, be raised up to the maximum level, he said and expressed his determination to make the PCJCCI as strong bridge for creating Special Economic Zones in
Pakistan under next phase of CPEC.Shah Faisal Afridi strongly affirmed that due to his prominent position in business community, he would utilize all his business relations and expertise for the progress of the Chamber. He reiterated that he would represent PCJCCI in all business gatherings, forums, associations and would interact with the delegations seeking information, besides giving media interviews and statements for the information of general masses and promotion of the cause of PCJCCI.
Earlier, SM Naveed, the outgoing president of PCJCCI, expressed warm wishes to the new president and EC members. He also extended greetings to the Chinese nationals while celebrating China National Day. He said that on this occasion of festivity the appointment of Shah Faisal Afridi on such an important designation would bring more success to the PCJCCI.