NDMA-Seminar MDMA holds Consultative Media Dialogue

ISLAMABAD, Oct 5 :The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA ) on Friday organized a seminar on “Consultative Media Dialogue-Role of Media in Preparing Resilient Nation”.
 Speaking at the seminar, NDMA Chairman Omar Mahmood Hayat said that the media was a key stakeholder in sharing information with general public regarding natural disasters and preparedness to deal with them.
 “Pakistan is a disaster-prone country, which requires consolidated legislation on disaster risk management and mitigation,”  NDMA Chairman said.
He said that media’s role was significant in providing early rescue services during disasters and specially in especially rehabilitation phase. The media could help identify issues, bring reforms and change attitudes, he added.
Senior journalists Javed Sadique, Afzal Butt,Tahir Rathor and others also spoke on the occasion