3 burgers a week can make you asthmatic 

Islamabad, October 17 (Newswire): Children who love junk food and eat at least three burgers in a week are inviting asthma, says a latest research.

The study which was conducted on 50,000 children across 20 countries revealed that the risk of asthma, because of improper diet, is highest of all in better-off countries.

The findings showed that youngsters who enjoy a healthy diet rich in fruit, fish and vegetables have the lowest risk to get affected by the disease.

When compared between rich and poor countries, it was found that a diet high in fish protected children against wheeze in well-off countries, while a diet rich in cooked vegetables guarded youngsters in poor countries. Elaine Vickers, of Asthma UK has advised children to “eat a healthy, balanced diet and get plenty of exercise”.