Russia’s advanced weapons will make people think: Putin

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia’s advanced weapons, which will ensure the country’ security for decades to come, will force those who got accustomed to militarist rhetoric to think.

Putin told the Defense Ministry’s expanded board meeting that: “A serious breakthrough has been made in developing advanced and unparalleled weapons, about which I said in the address to the Federal Assembly on March 1 this year,” Putin said. “I hope our newest systems will make think those who got accustomed to militarist and aggressive rhetoric”

The Russian leader noted that serial production of Avangard hypersonic missile systems has been launched, and successful tests of Russia’s most advanced Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile have been carried out. The Kinzhal air-launched precision hypersonic weapon has been successfully placed on combat duty and Peresvet combat lasers have entered duty.

Putin stressed that “these weapons significantly increase the potential of the army and the fleet,” thus reliably ensuring Russia’s security for decades to come. These developments also strengthen the balance of power and global stability, he stressed.

The president also stated that the forces’ operational and combat readiness has seriously grown. Six independent checks carried out this year confirmed this, he noted. Russia’s forces and means can be swiftly deployed to the distances of up to 7,000 km and reinforce groups in crucial strategic directions.

“Good results were shown at massive Vostok-2018 maneuvers,” the president said, noting that partners from China and Mongolia acted in line with the general plan and under single combat rules with Russian units.

Putin also mentioned the Ocean Shield drills, held in the Mediterranean Sea for the first time, when a large fleet grouping together with the long-range aviation solved a broad range of tasks, using the newest tactical methods of actions of naval forces and aviation.