Bilawal House is a symbol of democracy: Nafisa Shah

 Islamabad: Secretary Information Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians Dr Nafisa Shah Sunday said that the Joint Investigation Team’s talks of sealing Bilawal House prove its animosity with Benazir Bhutto. She said that the members of JIT share antagonistic sentiments regarding the Bhutto family. “The JIT report is not only based on lies, it’s also a means of misleading the nation,” she stated. Dr Nafisa Shah said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was shielding himself with the help of institutions which will have a disastrous impact on his party. She said that Bilawal House was a symbol of democracy for the workers and followers of PPP. “It is not the first time that PPP is battling anti-democratic forces, she said. The PPP will continue to follow Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s ideology despite the hurdles,” she said.