Nature ‘is an energy booster’: Study

Islamabad, January 19 (Newswire): Feeling tired? Just step outside, say researchers. A new study has claimed that a mere 20 minutes outdoors can have the same “pick-me-up effect” as a cup of coffee due to instant energizing from nature.

Many associate getting out of the house or the office with doing something more active. But in fact we become more energised outdoors even if we are doing nothing.

Prof. Richard Ryan from the University of Rochester, New York State, was quoted as saying, “Nature is fuel for the soul.”

To come to conclusion, Prof. Ryan and his team conducted experiments on 537 student volunteers, exposing them to situations both active and sedentary, inside and outside.

The students felt more energetic simply imagining themselves outdoors and enjoyed a massive increase in vitality in the actual open air. Prof. Ryan added, “One of the pathways to health may be to spend more time in natural settings.”