Bilawal Bhutto slams govt for inflation

Islamabad: Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, slammed the PTI-led federal government over unprecedented inflation of essential goods, saying that Prime Minister Imran Khan had failed to provide any relief to the masses even during the Eid period.

In a statement, Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that just over the festive period of eid, people had to contend with 30% inflation of clothes and shoe prices.

The PTI-led federal government, he said,  had decimated the purchasing power of the masses. Championing a fraudulent slogan of change, the government had robbed people of even the few joys they could indulge in, he added. While the PM  was busy violating his own governments directives by visiting Nathia Gali during the eid holidays, the country had been abandoned to suffer the myriad of miseries his government  had unleashed on the populace.

An increase in meat prices of Rupees 200 per kilogram over the Eid period was a clear and candid sign of PM’s sheer  and utter failure, lamented the Chairman PPP.

 “The PM continues to wreak havoc on  the common man, with mafias given carte blanche to  artificially and arbitrarily hike prices. The increase in price of poultry products by Rupees 600 a kilogram is an insult to those who believed in PM’s false and hollow promises of change.”

While addressing the PM Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi, the Chairman PPP said that the people were fed up with the PTI-led federal government, and their inability to tackle rampant inflation across the country and across every sector.

Bilawal added that the PM was trying to fraudulently claim credit for the revolutionary Benazir Income Support Programme, thinking that a simple name change would fool the masses into thinking he cared for them. The Prime Minister  and country would be better served if instead of trying to erase the legacy of Pakistan’s first female PM, he focused on changing the structural inequalities his government so proudly propogates.

The Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari  went on to say that if  that if the Prime Minister couldn’t be bothered to try control inflation and skyrocketing inflation even  on the occasion of Eid, how could the people expect any empathy from him on a daily basis.