Bilawal Bhutto says PM telling lies to the nation

Islamabad: The Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan, by using 1998 census figures to calculate GDP, has tried once again to lie to and mislead the nation.

This blatantly unacceptable fraud by the PM and his government shows the level of dishonesty that defines the PTI and its tenure in power, he said.

“The PM is making all efforts to hide behind this web of lies to exculpate himself of all responsibility of the economic catastrophe he has overseen.”

In a statement, the Chairman PPP said that the country’s ruined economy would need a lot more than ridiculous policies like promoting domestic poultry, and from selling off the Prime Minister houses cows and cars.

The PM had, in his manifesto, committed to revolutionizing the economy of the country in just 90 days. 1011 days later that promise is worth less than the paper it was printed on. Instead, we see the economy of the country is in constant decline, the Chairman PPP, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, said.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari added that the imposed and incompetent selected PM had failed to fulfill any of his campaign promises. The import bill of agricultural imports has seen an increase of up to 53 percent, a damning indictment of the governments economic policies.

“The PM, Imran Khan, pretended to be honest and sold himself as a man who would never be bought. That facade lies shattered as he has overseen the greatest economic collapse Pakistan has ever seen, as his cronies both in and out of Parliament loot and plunder the national exchequer”, the Chairman PPP said.

The Chairman PPP warned that the country would continue to underperfom as long as the mandate of the people was stolen, and incompetent governments like Imran Khans were propped up to serve the vested interests of a select group of people. The country can no longer afford to have the mandate of the people trampled upon, and the illegitimate Prime Minister must go home for this country to move forward.

He demanded Imran Khan tender an unconditional apology to the people of Pakistan for pushing them to the brink of disaster, and resign to spare the country further destruction.