Communist Party of China sends relief goods for Pakistani flood-hit people

Quetta: Communist Party of China (CPC) has sent relief goods for the flood-hit people of Pakistan.

Chairman of the Friends of China Forum Bayazid Kasi handed over the relief goods donated by the Central Committee of the CPC to Acting Governor Balochistan Jan Jamali here on Tuesday afternoon.

Addressing the handing over ceremony, Bayazid Kasi said that the recent rains and floods have caused widespread destruction in the whole of Pakistan, including Balochistan.

“Chinese Communist Party has sent relief goods for the flood victims of Balochistan, which is an expression of selfless friendship of Chinese people with the people of their neighbouring country,” he maintained.

Kasi mentioned that there had been widespread destruction due to floods and rains in Osta Muhammad district of Balochistan and surrounding areas.

“Keeping in view of the intensity of the disaster, the CPC has sent food items which would be distributed among flood victims through Acting Governor Mir Jan Muhammad Jamali,” he maintained.

By renewing the relationship of eternal friendship, he underlined, “China has practically helped us in the difficult time as Pakistan-China friendship is higher than the Himalayan Mountains, deeper than the sea and sweeter than honey.”

Kasi expressed the hope that the practical support of the Chinese Communist Party to Pakistan will continue in future as well.