Pearson, British Council host Outstanding Pearson Learners Award Ceremony

Islamabad: The Pearson and British Council Pakistan on Tuesday hosted Outstanding Pearson Learners Award Ceremony here in order to reward students who achieved outstanding results in their primary, International GCSE and A Level examination in year 2022.

Pearson was always in the first row to improve education in Pakistan and provide conducive environment of teaching and learning in the country as the United Kingdom’s largest awarding organisation offering academic and vocational qualifications, a news release said.

The Pearson High Achievers award ceremony was honoured by Director Pearson Schools Qualifications, Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey, Kathryn Booth, Country Director British Council Pakistan, Amir Ramzan, Director Examinations, British Council, Osman Iqbal representatives of Pearson and British Council, high achievers including teachers, parents and distinguished guests.

This year, over 118 students received Outstanding Pearson Learners Award in four different categories including Highest Mark Internationally, Highest in Asia, Highest Mark Pakistan and province, and High Achievement Max grades. Pearson and British Council also recongnises the efforts of the Teachers who are actually behind the success of these young learners.

Kathryn Booth-Director Pearson Schools Qualifications, Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey congratulated the high achievers, teachers and their families and appreciated the efforts of teachers and students for academic excellence.

She said that, the UK Government is making efforts to ensure foreign qualifications opportunities for Pakistani students. The qualifications offered by Pearson-Edexcel are further strengthening the academic standards in the country. We are pleased to have invested in infrastructure and free teacher training programmes and resources to support teachers and learners.

Country Director British Council Pakistan, Amir Ramzan said, “The High Achievers Awards Ceremony is a special occasion, which provides an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the extraordinary achievements of talented students in Pakistan.

The students recognised today have achieved results that compare well with students all over the world; students in Pakistan have been achieving outstanding results consistently over the years.”

In a virtual address, Vice President of Pearson School Qualifications, Emma Wale said that this was incredible achievement by the students, they have shown tremendous commitment and dedication to their studies. “We are particularly grateful to the British Council for their valued support in delivering our qualifications in Pakistan.”