Parliamentary elections start in Kazakhstan

Islamabad: The process of parliamentary elections has started in Kazakhstan which is a milestone in the country’s history after the constitutional reforms.

The parliamentary elections in the country are held in 20 regions of the country, including the capital Astana, which will mark the beginning of a new democratic era, said a press release received here.

Polling started this morning in the whole country at 8 o’clock, along with which the process of parliamentary started, after which voters are exercising their right to vote in all 20 regions of the country, including the federal capital Astana.

When the polling started this morning, the enthusiasm of the people was visible, after which queues of people were seen at all the polling stations.

On this occasion, 250 international journalists covered various polling stations and asked questions and answers from the public.

On this occasion, 800 international observers who came to Kazakhstan visited different regions of the country and expressed their confidence in the polling arrangements and described the arrangements of the Election Commission of Kazakhstan as the best.

On this occasion, international observers and representatives of the media, including the European Union, visited the polling stations of the federal capital and the city of Akmola, Kazakhstan, where the arrangements for the elections were seen to be good and smooth polling was seen in the all polling stations and the enthusiasm of the voters remained intact and the election was held.

The election polling staff also seemed diligent. On this occasion, the international observers while talking to the media representatives said that the best polling arrangements have been made by the Election Commission and the people are expressing their full confidence in the elections.

During the polling, young and old people thronged the polling stations and women also exercised their right to vote in large numbers. It was snowing in and around the capital Astana from this morning, but during the day the weather became pleasant and the sun came out.

Seeing the public enthusiasm on this occasion, experts believe that the voting turnout will increase.

Meanwhile, on the occasion, Secretary of the Election Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mukhtar Yerman while talking to media here in Astana said that today’s March 19th 2023 parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan will give the people a choice to choose the leadership of their choice.

He said that the parliamentary elections held today, March 19, 2023, will provide an opportunity to the people of Kazakhstan to exercise their right to vote while deciding the leadership of their country.

The Secretary said that Kazakhstan has started a series of constitutional reforms in the last ten months which have been diligently worked on and which means strengthening democratic values ??and making the country a strong and developed federation.

He said that making constitutional reforms and conducting elections within ten months is a milestone in the history of Kazakhstan.

For which our institutions and all partners deserve praise, with whose efforts we are entering a new democratic era today.

He said that the new legislation and constitutional reforms will transform the existing system and make the country’s government system based on equality and efficiency, which will lead the country on the path of development.

Mukhtar Yerman said that the country is moving towards a new constitutional transition in which all the stakeholders are united and the people are united without whose trust all this is not possible.

He said that the Election Commission is fully preparing for the upcoming elections and tomorrow all the seven political parties will present themselves to the people to participate in this democratic process.

He said that the Election Commission has the trust of all the country’s political parties and we are in touch with them and the relevant forum has been arranged to identify any issue. Secretary Election Commission said that all the political parties have been given a level playing field and a good decision is expected through the vote.

He said that 359 candidates of seven major parties of Kazakhstan are participating in these general elections and these parties have different manifestos regarding the development of Kazakhstan.

He said that the role of youth and women will be very important in these general elections of Kazakhstan, which became possible due to the constitutional reforms.

He said that 800 international observers and 250 journalists has regularly review and cover the elections in this election.

He said that the constitutional reforms created a multi-party system in the country.

He said that all the regions of Kazakhstan have been given equal representation in the election, on which full confidence has been expressed from all sides.

He said that awareness workshops were conducted before the election and training was given to the staff so that the election process could be improved.

He said that technology and modern digital technology will be fully implemented in the election process so that the election process is efficient and transparent.

He said that the media gave full coverage to the election campaign and various national and international newspapers and TV channels gave full coverage to the election campaign.