Chinese Consul General Yang Yundong holds meeting with Karachi Mayor, discusses matters of interest

Karachi: Yang Yundong, the Consul General of China in Karachi has paid a visit to the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) head office, where he held a meeting with Mayor Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab.

The discussion revolved around various topics of shared interest. Accompanying the Consul General were China’s Vice Consul Xie Shuye, M. Zheng Chao, and Assistant Consul Chen Weilong, said an official statement.

Mayor Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab extended a warm welcome to the Consul General of China and his delegation during their visit to the KMC.

He emphasized the strong and neighborly relations between Pakistan and China, highlighting China’s unwavering support during challenging times. The cooperation between the two nations in multiple domains stands as a testament to their enduring friendship.

Mayor Murtaza Wahab underscored the KMC’s commitment to providing high-quality civic amenities to the city’s residents.

He mentioned the ongoing development projects across various parts of Karachi, encompassing not only residential areas but also industrial zones. Karachi, known as Pakistan’s commercial hub, serves as the epicenter of industrial and commercial activities in the country.

Wahab expressed Karachi Administration’s eagerness to welcome China’s collaboration in infrastructure development and its desire to glean insights from China’s expertise in local governance and urban development.

He also pledged to offer Chinese investment companies all necessary support and facilities in Karachi.

The Consul General of China expressed pride in the deep-rooted friendship and brotherly relationship between Pakistan and China.

He noted that the development of Karachi holds the potential to usher in new dimensions of stability and prosperity for Pakistan.