Nawaz Sharif lists a prosperous Pakistan, not govt, as his goal

Quetta: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday said they didn’t want government and were aspiring for a prosperous Pakistan. He wondered where the promised “change” was, asking the people to question those who were making tall claims about it.

It was a clear reference to the PTI’s slogan which reflected a claim that there would be a comprehensive economic, social and political change in the country when the party came into power.

Speaking at a convention of PML-N workers in the provincial capital, Nawaz – who has served the country thrice as prime minister – mentioned that hatred, abusive language and jealousy had ruined the society.

He addressed the gathering after chairing a meeting that reviewed the preparations made by the PML-N for elections as well as the steps being taken to strengthen party in the province for making it an effective political force.

The event was part of the PML-N supremo’s visit to Balochistan – the first since 2017 – which saw Jam Kamal and other prominent politicians joining his party in a massive boost before the February 8 elections.

Nawaz is making concrete efforts to make inroads in the political landscape of Balochistan and Sindh through seat adjustment with other parties and persuading political leaders to join the PML-N.

Separately, Nawab Lashkari Raisani at a joint press conference with former premier Shehbaz Sharif earlier in the day said that Nawaz “knows and understands” the challenges faced by the country.

Nawaz said many people had promised a heaven on earth but did nothing practical, he said, but it was the PML-N, which focused on Gwadar, Quetta, Zhob and all the other regions. “There is certainly a difference between those people and us”.

“We developed a road network in Balochistan and constructed dams. We provided Rs50 billion for the construction of Kachhi Canal,” the former prime minister reminded his party leaders and workers.

The road link between Quetta and Islamabad was supposed to be completed in 2018, but the project hadn’t been materialised yet, he regretted and noted that the students from Balochistan had a right to study in the country’s top educational institutions.

Nawaz asked the audience to inform their children, relatives and friends who had served Balochistan. “I am talking about Gwadar ever since I became the prime minister for the first time.”

About the future plans, the PML-N supremo said they wanted to rescue the people who were paying inflated electricity bills.

“We will introduce a scheme under which we can supply solar panel to the people,” he said, listing solar energy as their primary focus.

In her speech, Maryam Nawaz – PML-N chief organiser who – said Balochistan would experience a complete change in three to four years, as she talked about ensuring equal rights for the children of Balochistan.

“Quality education is a right of children in Balochistan. They must be access to it,” she stressed, adding that equality would lead to a prosperous future for them.

Maryam, the political scion of Nawaz, also promised that they would focus on Balochistan just like Punjab and noted that the youth had a massive potential and passion.