Huawei showcases strides in journey toward Sustainable Development ‘Thriving Together with Tech’ event

Islamabad: Huawei Tuesday showcased its strides in the journey toward Sustainable Development during the ‘Thriving Together with Tech’ event. In an era heavily reliant on digital connectivity, Huawei continues its leadership in bridging the digital gap through its commitment to the ITU’s Partner2Connect Digital Coalition. Having joined forces in 2022, the tech giant pledged to bring connectivity to over 120 million people in remote areas across 80 countries by 2025.

The event, held in Dongguan, China, featured global parallel sessions and served as a platform to reveal tangible progress in global connectivity initiatives. The focus extended to the symbiotic relationship between technology, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. Huawei’s collaboration with the ITU and other partners materialized in groundbreaking projects, including the Gokina Smart Village initiative in rural Pakistan.

This collaborative effort, involving Huawei, ITU, Universal Service Fund (USF), Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT), and UNDP, successfully brought network coverage and essential services to an area previously lacking connectivity. Hassan Nasir Jamy, Federal Secretary for the Ministry of IT Telecommunication, expressed appreciation for the significant milestone achieved in the journey towards a Digital Pakistan.

Addressing the role of education, Jamy highlighted the critical need for science teachers, particularly in girls’ schools. Collaborating with partners like Huawei and ITU, the initiative utilized digital education providers such as Tele-Taleem to bridge this gap. In healthcare, challenges like limited medical services and time-consuming access to health facilities were addressed through partnerships with innovative e-health providers like Sehat Kahani, bringing essential healthcare services to communities.

Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Digital Pakistan vision, the Smart Village Pakistan Project, a transformative initiative by Huawei in collaboration with USF, ITU, and others, symbolizes a commitment to bridging the digital divide. Ethan Sun, CEO of Huawei Technologies Pakistan, emphasized that the Gokina Smart Village Project aims not just for connectivity but also for transforming lives. Deputy CEO and Director Subsidiary Board Huawei Pakistan, Ahmed Bilal Masud, highlighted the strategic moves in education, health, and digital skills to address challenges faced by local residents.