A Protest held in front of Indian Embassy in Brussels on Indian Republic Day (Black Day)

Brussels: Under the auspices of Kashmir Council Europe (KCEU), a peaceful protest was held in front of the Indian Embassy in Brussels on the occasion of India’s Republic Day (Black Day) today, January 26, Friday.

The protest demonstration was led by Chairman of Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Sayed. Despite heavy rain and cold weather, a large number of Kashmiris and their sympathizers participated in the demonstration, for which the Kashmir Council Europe had the support of other organizations. The protesters carried placards and banners inscribed with slogans in favor of Kashmiris and against Indian atrocities. The protestors demanded that India stop atrocities on Kashmiris and fulfil its promises to give Kashmiris their right to self-determination. Ch. Khalid Joshi, Rao Mostejab, Sardar Mahmood Iqbal, Nadeem Mahar, Syed Aslam Shah, Zahid Shah, Zaheer Zahid, Shazia Aslam and many others attended the protest.

Speaking at the gathering, Chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Syed demanded that human rights violations be stopped in Occupied Kashmir and Kashmiris should be given their rights so that the Kashmir problem can be solved peacefully and fairly.
It is to be remembered that Indian Republic Day is being celebrated every year as a black day by people of Occupied Kashmir and Azad Kashmir and Kashmiris living all over the world.

Ali Raza Syed said that Kashmiris should get their rights, injustices should end and the Kashmir issue should be resolved peacefully without delay so that Kashmiris can live a peaceful and prosperous life.

In his address, Ali Raza Syed mentioned important political, social and journalistic Kashmiri personalities who were imprisoned without any reason and said that India is involved in serious crimes against Kashmiris. A large number of Kashmiris are imprisoned without any crime as baseless cases have been established against them under black laws.

He said that peace in Kashmir is related to peace in the whole South Asia. There will be peace in Kashmir and there will be peace and prosperity in the entire region.
Chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Reza Syed said that the Kashmiri nation will never give up its right to self-determination and will never bargain on its rights.

The participants of the demonstration said that the purpose of the protest on the occasion of the Republic Day of India is that we want to send this message to the whole world that India has been illegally occupying a large part of Jammu and Kashmir for a long time and is violating the democratic and human rights of Kashmiris. Targeted and extrajudicial killings and torture and desecration of women continue on a daily basis. The participants of the demonstration demanded the international community to prevent the atrocities in Occupied Kashmir and play its role for a peaceful and just solution to the Kashmir issue.

Kashmir Council EU, Brussels, Belgium, e-mail: info@kashmircouncil.eu