Trailblazing green development along Belt and Road

Beijing: “To boost green development of Belt and Road, we must adhere to the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits. It is essential to strengthen international cooperation, promote green technology, and policy support for green finance. We should also strengthen the alignment with green international standards and enhance the development of green Belt and Road,” said Wang Tongzhou in an interview with China Economic Net.

Regarding green development, Wang, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and chairman of Beijing-based China Communications Construction Co Ltd, put forward four specific suggestions.

Firstly, he appealed for stronger policy guidance and institutional support. “We can establish a coordination mechanism for overseas investments by state-owned enterprises, where enterprises should mutually support each other in expanding overseas operations.”

“Secondly, we look forward to more support for the development, promotion, and application of green technology. We should reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption of the whole industrial chain, and establish several green BRI project benchmarks,” Wang said.

Thirdly, he suggested that we should actively convey China’s confidence in green development to the world, promote the alignment of the green BRI construction with the cooperation on climate change and biodiversity under the UN framework. “We should also enhance the global application of the “Two Mountains” concept introduced by Chinese President Xi Jinping by executing green infrastructure, green energy and green transportation projects.”

“Fourthly, we should accelerate the adoption of green standards, actively promote domestic green investment standards, participate in the development of international green standards, and facilitate the global dissemination of China’s regulations and standards. With these efforts, more enterprises will be encouraged to actively explore the mode and path of internationalizing Chinese standards and technologies through project construction,” Wang noted.