Two sessions a special window observing China’s development: Pakistani media

“The coverage of two sessions gives you a very different perspective and this perspective tells you that how positively and how quickly and rapidly China is developing. China is not only developing for itself. China is developing for all international community as well,” said Muhammad Zamir Assadi, a Pakistani political analyst and a journalist with Independent News Pakistan.

Assadi has been to China for more than 15 times and has visited over 20 provinces and cities. “I have witnessed a lot of development in every single city of China and it shows that the Chinese government and its provincial and municipal governments including Beijing, Tianjin and Chongqing are focusing on a unified agenda.”

“This agenda aims to improve the well-being of Chinese people, they are working on it. We notice that China focuses on 2035 when Chinese society will realize socialist modernization,” Assadi added.

“I think China’s modernization is about the shared future of all mankind. It is going to give a very good hope and opportunities to the international community and our developing countries including Pakistan,” Assadi noted.

In Pakistan, several media groups also pay special attention to China’s two sessions. Riaz Burki, news director of Pakistan Television Corporation, said that he went through speeches delivered by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“First and foremost, those speeches are about China’s development and China’s modernization, also the sustainable development. China is working and investing heavily on renewable energy and sustainable development. We have covered almost all the important national and international issues,” Riaz said.

“We are covering China’s development. Two sessions is important annual session and we’ll allocate specific individuals and prepare special reports,” he said.