Islamabad: Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz is an ardent fan of Chinese short message sharing platform TikTok.

Her videos on TikTok gets the attention of hundreds of thousands of followers almost every day.

Responding to comments over her daily activities’ updates on the social media platform, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz asked others to “come out of your comfort zone and let people make your TikTok videos too.”

CM Maryam Nawaz, speaking at an inauguration event of 32 field hospitals in Lahore on Wednesday afternoon, said that she was repeatedly being criticised for continuously appearing regularly on TikTik videos.

“I also want these people to come out of their comfort zone and do some work, so you would appear on TikTok videos, and get eligible for media coverage too. You should also come out to serve masses but you have to leave your comfort zone.”

The CM maintained that people reserved the right to be aware of daily activities as their Chief Minister “is serving them 24/7.” TikTok is used by people in all sectors of life in Pakistan as a popular entertainment and awareness tool.

CM Maryam Nawaz announced that the provincial government has planned to launch CM Clinic on Wheel project to facilitate citizens to get medical treatment while staying at home. The project will have 200 clinic initially across the Punjab province.

“Those doctors would get more perks and salaries who served people in far-flung areas. We are going to start Punjab’s first air ambulance service in two weeks. The service would be used for poor people,” she added,

She added: “A medical city will also be established Lahore and Pakistan’s first state-of-the-art cancer hospital. The cancer hospital will be made functional within one year.”

The CM announced that the health card programme would be relaunched after removing the flaws.