Rehman Malik calls for SAARC conference on COVID-19

Former Interior Minister and PPP senior leader Senator A. Rehman Malik has called for an emergency summit of leaders of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) to devise a common strategy to tackle the deadly COVID-19.

He said that undoubtedly COVID-19 is getting its dangerous grip in South Asia and the third wave is likely to hit all countries of SAARC. He urged that SAARC should immediately meet and create a COVID-19 fund, common medical staff and a pool with all logistics to help each other. He sid that Prime Minister Imran Khan should take the initiative and make a formal proposal to convene a SAARC conference on urgent basis.
He said “I see a great potential to save people from COVID-19 of this region with collective efforts and common strategy.

Senator Rehman Malik urged that all members countries should keep their egos aside and come farward to save the lives of innocent and helpless people.
He expressed that we are worried about our brothers and sisters suffering from COVID-19 in Indian mainland and meanwhile we are more worried about oppressed Kashmiris who are facing worst wave of Covid-19 under Indian Army curfew. He said that PM Narendra Modi must consider to lift the curfew immediately in Indian Occupied Kashmir as they are equally exposed to COVID-19.

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