To a greener future: Chinese giant play a leading role in new energy track

Beijing: “Currently, CRRC New Energy has developed into a comprehensive solution provider for the entire industry chain in new energy fields such as wind power and photovoltaic power generation, green power hydrogen production, energy storage and green treatment of decommissioned wind turbines,” said a staff member at CRRC Shandong Wind Power Co., Ltd.

Talking to China Economic Net, at the ongoing Clean Energy Expo China 2024 (CEEC2024).he said that CRRC Shandong Wind Power is committed to building an integrated industrial chain of production, storage, transportation, processing and use of green hydrogen and a systematic solution for hydrogen energy. It has developed an advanced low-energy consumption system using an alkaline hydrogen production system as a key point.

“The alkaline electrolysis water hydrogen production system is a device that generates hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis of water, which is suitable for large-scale wind and solar hydrogen production scenarios, providing reliable technical support for large-scale green hydrogen production.” The staff member introduced, “Not only that, regarding the processing of decommissioned wind turbines, our R&D team has also designed an efficient and intelligent system for decommissioned turbine blades, namely, a closed-loop full industry chain of processing and recycling.”

“Our Hydrofore megawatt PEM electrolytic bath has completely independent intellectual property rights, which has been selected as the National Energy Administration’s top ten sci-tech innovations in the energy industry in 2023. Currently, the rated hydrogen production of the bath could reach 250Nm3/h”.

A staff member from SPIC Hydrogen Energy Tech Co., Ltd., another leader in the hydrogen energy industry, emphasized, “More than that, our hydrogen refueling station has been put into use in the China-South Korea Changchun Cooperation Demonstration Zone to ensure the daily operation of local hydrogen buses. In addition to buses, cargo vans, sanitation and refrigerated trucks are also included in our hydrogen transportation range.”

In addition to hydrogen production products, the Hydrofore fuel cell products exhibited by SPIC Hydrogen Energy Tech are suitable for urban passenger transportation, heavy-haul freight, mining machinery, inland shipping, aircraft, backup power, cogeneration and so on. ”

In December last year, our first batch of Hydrofore fuel cell heavy-duty trucks were delivered to Jinan, Shandong Province, including hydrogen-powered sludge and sanitation trucks, all of which have a full-load cruising range of more than 400 kilometers after a single hydrogenation, and no harmful substances are emitted during driving. If each truck runs 50,000 kilometers per year, a hydrogen sludge truck and a h sanitation truck can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 46 tons and 32 tons per year, respectively.