Unveiling ceremony for Sino-Pak dual diploma program marks a milestone in China-Pakistan collaboration

Islamabad: A Unveiling Ceremony was held on 12th May, 24, simultaneously in China and Pakistan, to commemorate the launch of the Sino-Pak Dual Diploma program.

The ceremony, hosted by NUTECH in Pakistan, was attended by esteemed representatives including the Pakistan Embassy in China, TANG HQs, and Guizhou Vocational Institute. The Ceremony symbolized a significant milestone in the collaboration between China and Pakistan.

The Sino-Pak Dual Diploma program, a brainchild of the People’s Republic of China, aims to forge partnerships with renowned Pakistani institutes to provide advanced technical education to the youth of Pakistan. The three-year program encompasses two years intensive training at NUTECH, followed by a fully funded scholarship year in China.

Pakistani Embassy in China lauded the initiative as a groundbreaking endeavor that offers quality education to Pakistani students. During the ceremony, a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between NUTECH and Guizhou Institute was signed, marking the commencement of the three-year Diploma program in Big Data Technology.

The President of TANG, China, and the Director of Skills at NUTECH in their speeches emphasized the paramount importance of this collaborative project in enhancing the employability of Pakistani youth, by aligning the educational curriculum with the needs of the international industry.